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Ms. García, or just Vero.

Safe Space Community is my happy place.

I've been working on building communities that share, listen, feel, and thrive together with my #3rdgraderockstars.

I studied education in The University of Texas at Austin. Then, I did my masters at Teachers College, Columbia University.

I also worked at Elementary schools, learned from great mentors, and shared amazing experiences with my peers, and students!

My passion for helping kids understand their emotions, and value themselves was something that no one ever taught me. 

Through MANY experiences, reading, sharing, and just LIVING, I became aware of the things that a child must learn in order to grow confident about who he/she is. I began with my #3rdgraderockstars in our classroom.

Now, it's time for me to give the same opportunity to ANY kid who's ready to SPEAK UP! Wherever you are, however you feel, don't you worry ... let's talk about how to HEAL!

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